Home Concierge Fees

Billing and Fees

  • All time is invoiced at a rate of $300 per hour.
  • Initial evaluations for geriatric patients are scheduled for 2.5 hours, with a cost of $750.
  • Initial evaluations for younger adults are scheduled for 1.5 hours, with a cost of $450.
  • Overtime charges will be applied if the evaluation exceeds the allocated time by 15 minutes or more.

Travel Fees

  • Travel fees are also billed at a rate of $300 per hour.
  • Every effort is made to schedule house calls in the same neighborhood on the same day, although it may not always be feasible.
  • Fees for house calls are divided among all visits based on the distance.
  • To determine your specific travel fee rate, please contact me directly.
  • Rates are calculated from my office in Woodinville, except for locations west of that, which are calculated from my home office in Bothell.

Follow-Up Visits

  • Follow-up visits are initially scheduled for 1 hour.
  • If the first few visits require more or less time on average, I will adjust the duration and cost accordingly.
  • Occasional variations in the length of visits will not lead to adjustments in scheduled time and fees.
  • If you have a preference for the length of the visit, please discuss it with me in advance.

Time Between Visits

  • Time between visits, including phone calls, texts, emails, and paperwork, is tracked and billed based on the hourly rate per minute.
  • Minimal time intervals (e.g., 1-2 minutes) between appointments will not be charged.

Invoicing and Payment

  • Invoices are typically emailed shortly after the appointment. If you prefer regular mail, please notify me in advance.
  • Preferred methods of payment include credit cards, debit cards, or e-checks.
  • With your authorization, I can set up automatic account recharge for future visits.
  • You have the option to review each invoice before authorizing payment.
  • Checks can be sent by mail to my office address.
  • Balances overdue by more than 60 days will be subject to a monthly late charge of 5%.

Urgent Evaluations And Contact

  • Urgent evaluations scheduled on weekends or evenings will be invoiced at one and a half times the regular rate.
  • Other urgent contacts during weekends and evenings will be billed at the standard rate.
  • Travel fees for weekend evaluations are calculated from my home office in Bothell, WA.

Cancellation And Rescheduling

  • To cancel or reschedule office appointments, notice of at least two business days is required.
  • House calls require notice of one week for cancellation or rescheduling.
  • Failure to provide timely notice will result in full charges, including travel fees, for missed appointments or late cancellations.
  • If there is a pattern of cancellations, even if not late, or repeated missed appointments, it may result in discontinuation of services.